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Don’t Forget the Driver wins!

Don’t Forget the Driver has won Best Comedy at the Venice TV Awards.

Don’t Forget the Driver

Tim’s series for BBC2 happened in April and May.  Created by Tim and co-written by Tim and the actor Toby Jones, Don’t Forget the Driver received a really strong critical and audience reaction – from nearly everyone. …a fine, fine piece of work Lucy Mangan • The Guardian …let’s hope BAFTA don’t forget the driver Chris […]

Don’t Forget The Driver

Tim has created a six part dark comedy series for BBC2 which will be screen in spring 2019. Don’t Forget The Driver is set in Tim’s childhood home town, Bognor, and was co-written by Tim and Toby Jones, who stars in the series. Read the BBC press release.Tim talks to the Bognor Regis Observer.