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Adler & Gibb is enormous. That’s what I’m saying. It encompasses a whole load of things – and those things feel absolutely current. Crouch is grappling – really grappling – with what it means to exist now, in 2014…

It’s tempting to suggest that Adler and Gibb does for film what The Author did for theatre – which is to say, pursue it relentlessly, teeth bared and eventually sink deep into its flesh.

More than simply asking questions about life, Crouch instead interrogates the relationship between death and art.

Not an easy show, but a memorable and rewarding one.

… when one has penetrated the formal barrier, one finds that Crouch is delivering some fascinating propositions.

It all seemed curiously remote, wilfully obscure, frustrating and pointless.


…but it was then that I, who never leave a play I’m reviewing, decided to break my rule and skip the second act.

… this work feels like an elaborate doodle on the margins, a miniature stretched out on a too-broad canvas.