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ENGLAND: Booking Information


ENGLAND is a play for art galleries, for audiences of up to 200, depending on the size and space available in the gallery. It is aimed at people aged 16+.

It is designed to work two rooms within a solo or group show. It needs just 30 minutes after the gallery closes to prepare for an audience.

The production has full marketing support if required: printed publicity materials and a tour marketing /press office.

Please contact us for information on fees.

“Hosting Tim Crouch’s ENGLAND in the context of The Fruitmarket Gallery’s Edinburgh Festival exhibition of the work of Alex Hartley was an unqualified success. The play complemented and illuminated the work in the Gallery, turning audiences for theatre into audiences for art and back again every night. The play brought new visitors to the Gallery, many of whom stayed on or returned to look longer at the art on show. The company respected the Gallery, art and staff at all times, and at no point was the work compromised either physically or conceptually.”
Director, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
(venue for the Edinburgh Festival Production, 2007)

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To enquire about dates and bookings please email Lisa Wolfe.
tel: +44 (0)7761 453584.