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What happens to the hope at the end of the evening reviews

“(a) brilliant piece of collaborative writing by two master makers…

There’s something vital about male middle age here, something about north and south, something about the smugness of contentment and the activist value of honest misery.

And something about theatre, too, if only because at the end of 70 minutes, the two are still there, still talking, still in the same space, as they might not have been if Tim and Andy hadn’t decided to make a show about them.

Whether it will make any difference, though – well, that’s another question.” ****

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman


“…we have to work on creating paradise, and … we can only do it together. A theatre is not a bad place to start.”  ****
The Guardian


“Wonderful, original, powerful theatre.”  ****
A Younger Theatre


“It’s like a lo-fi My Dinner With Andre… has an emotional charge under its cool surface, is propelled by a sense of investigation into friendship, performance, identity.  I found it quietly thrilling.”  ****
The Times


“… there’s a sense of explosive spontaneity and freedom here – the air crackles with the anarchic potential for more or less anything to happen – that’s rare in live theatre, and well worth discovering.”
The Metro


“The show sort of affirms the value of the theatre, both as a way of diagnosing what separates us and as a means of bringing us together. It draws attention to the boundary that we are on when we take part in an audience and uses that to model the curious mixture of freedom and obligation that seizes us when we are with others. It’s another remarkable piece from Tim Crouch and Andy Smith and one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen this year.”
Dan Rebellato


“…less profound than anyone involved believes.” ***
London Evening Standard