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Begiiners 2

Tim’s play Beginners ran at the Unicorn Theatre in Spring 2018.

Beginners bɪˈɡɪnəs / plural noun
1. a person who has just started to do or learn something.
2. a call given to prepare to start a play.

Beginners tells the story of three families trapped in a waterlogged holiday cottage over summer. The children are bored. The adults are down the pub. So far so normal.
An exquisite, funny and moving story that reminds us that the adult we’ll be and the child we were stay with us wherever we go.

Read about it on the Unicorn Theatre website .
Watch the trailer.

Written and directed by Tim Crouch
Designed by Chloe Lamford and Camilla Clarke
Sound design and composition by Nick Powell
Cast: Pandora Colin, Rob Das , Jacqui Dubois, Neil D’Souza, Amalia Vitale.

You can buy a copy of the text here.


The Guardian
‘Watching it – and the play within the play that the children stage – we expand our belief in what’s possible and how we can overcome what life throws at us.’ more..

‘This play is complex and nuanced, slippery and sly, frequently hilarious, densely poetic, often bewildering to my children, but pleasingly a challenge to their powers of deduction…’

Time Out
‘…we realise these are really our hopes and dreams, only fresher and freer. We lean in and we listen.’ more…

The Standard
‘this disappointing work from writer/director Tim Crouch is meandering and unstructured, shedding precious little light on any sort of interpersonal dynamics.’ more…

Sunday Times
read the review…