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An Oak Tree: Technical Specification

All of Tim Crouch’s shows present few technical challenges for venues. The requirements are slight, but precise…



60 minutes, no interval.

Company on Road

Two – one actor, one technical operator.

Playing Area (minimum)

8m width x 6m depth x 4m height.


An Oak Tree is technically very simple.  The visual aesthetic can be raw and unpolished, but the quality of sound must be professional.

The most important thing each venue must supply is a second actor for each performance!  This actor will be ‘cast’ in consultation with Tim Crouch.


Each venue will supply 8 stacking chairs, one piano stool and a table.  The table to be approx 1m x 1.5m.  There is no special aesthetic to this furniture – in the fiction of the play it has been sourced from a room above a pub.

Lighting Requirements

The show needs a simple general cover with no specials or colours.  This can be pre-rigged.  This lighting state comes up at the beginning and there is a blackout at the end.

Sound Requirements

An Oak Tree tours with its own on-stage sound amp, mixer and wireless/radio microphone system. It does not tour with speakers, however, which must be supplied by the venue (see below).

Each venue must be able to supply:

  • A sound system for the space (speakers, amps, control board, etc)
  • Two full size (not portable) minidisc players connected to this system.
  • Two additional speakers and speaker stands.  These speakers must have Speakon connections.
  • Two Speakon cables.
  • Onstage 13amp power supply (or adaptors compatible for UK equipment).


Access is required from 10am on day of performance.


There are no freight implications for An Oak Tree.