Tim Crouch Radio 4 Play

Postcards from a Cataclysm, nine short plays about global annihilation, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 10 Feb at 14.15. You can download the individual plays, which are available immediately after broadcast for one week. Tim Crouch wrote one of them.

As an asteroid hurtles towards earth, the planet’s population prepares for the end of the world. Then the strangest things start to happen. Other plays by David Varela, Rommi Smith, Lizzie Nunnery, Josie Long, Carl Grose and The Factory.

Performed by Piers Wehner, Tim Key, Kenneth Cranham, Emerald O’Hanrahan, Rhys Jennings, Joseph Cohen-Cole, Tessa Nicholson, Josie Long, Kate Layden, Ewan Hooper, Bruce Alexander and Melissa Advani.

Sound Design by Zhe Wu and Caleb Knightley. Produced by James Robinson.